About Dean

My name is Dean Callaghan and I'm the owner of Dean's Muddy Buddies. I live in Swindon with my partner (Rachel) and two gorgeous dogs (Skout & Derry). I also have a horsefield tortoise (Hector) & a tropical aquarium. I've started Muddy Buddies as I love our canine friends & the great outdoors. I love walking our dogs, weather its out in a open park off the lead or street walking, we all have such fun.

I have always had a love for all types of animals. Over the years I've had a variety of pets including hamsters, cats, guinea pigs & rabbits. My partner has had dogs all her life, cats when she was younger and horses for the last 15 years. Between us we have a vast degree of knowledge and experience. 

My career includes working within retail when I left school before I started working within the warehouse & fork truck sector for the past 12 years. I've now decided I would like to give up my life in warehousing to concentrate on starting my own business, Dean's Muddy Buddies. 


I have completed a pet sitting diploma in 2016 and am fully insured.

Dean Callaghan

Founder and dog lover

Skout is a Jack Russell cross Yorkshire Terrier, he is coming up to 2 years of age but still acts like a very playful 6 month old pup! We have had Skout since he was 12 weeks old, and he is just the most perfect dog we could have asked for. We have taught him many skills to include sit, wait, paw, high five, lay down and roll over. Skout is excellent off the lead on all walks.


Derry is a Yorkshire Terrier and is 2 years old. We adopted Derry in December 2016 from Many Tears and she has progressed so much in the short space of time that we have had her. Derry has been going off the lead with us recently and so far she is proving to be very obedient and we have had no problems with her.

Meet Skout & Derry

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